Friday, March 26, 2010

Just thought I would do a little updating.

I am really sorry but I did not realize that I had not looked at my blog for almost a year.  I have decided that Facebook really is not my thing and that I wish I could find someone to do some serious scrapbooking with.  I have Alyssa's baby book to do and would really like to get it done before she turns three.  I also been trying to find ways to make better use of my time.  I sure hope that I can keep up on my blog and keep everyone informed of what our family is doing.


Linda said...

Shirlene printed her blog through blurb and it looks really good. A great scrapbook.. How arw you doing?

Clint and Elaine said...

Yeah...I'm so glad to see your updating! I want some more pictures:) I want pictures of Kira with her roller skates on.