Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The day of Kira's Birthday.

Kira enjoyed getting a new tiara that
lights up and wanted to wear it all day.

Kira wanted to wear her Sleep Beauty dress
that she got after Halloween last year. (2008)

To keep memories going of the day.This is Kira's best friend. Aunt Elaine is the best.
I think Alyssa couldn't get enough of her either.

For months Kira talked about how she would like to go to Disneyland for her birthday. She would tell me that she would like to go to Disneyland with her Aunt Elaine and that I would stay home with Alyssa. Sometimes I wonder who is the boss. Well Kira's wish came true. The week of Kira's birthday was the week Aunt Elaine had spring break. Her husband Clint surprised her by buying an airline ticket to California. So on Kira's birthday we took her to the Disneyland Resort. Kira's favorite ride is Buzz Lightyear. Kira sure had a great day with her family and sure
enjoyed seeing and taking pictures with different characters.


Margie said...

What a fun day! Yeah for awesome aunts as well. I love when our Aunt Charlynn comes and spoils my girls. She has 5x the energy I have :) I'm glad Kira had an awesome birthday!

Charlynn said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing.